National Standards For Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS)

Information on CLAS guidelines can be found on the DBHDS website at

Piedmont Geriatric Hospital's Leadership Philosophy

The mission of Piedmont Geriatric Hospital’s CLAS committee is to cultivate an environment for all patients, employees and visitors that will not only welcome individual differences but will embrace, promote and celebrate them. As a committee we hope to be an educational resource and the driving force in achieving an environment of inclusivity and acceptance.

CLAS Team Members

Doris Morris
Admin. Support Specialist
Padmaja Chaparala
Medical Services
Frederick Crowley
Environmental Services
Hilda Foster
Risk Management
Alison Bryan
Health Information Mgmt.
Mason Dimick
Social Work
Sue Palmer
Rehab Services
Deirdre Ramirez
Nurse Educator
Dr. Washburn
Brandi French
ADA / Assistant Director
Hilton McDaniel
Hospital Director
Scott Logue
IT Director
Carol Mullins
Fiscal Services